Why we exist...

Agaso designs sensibly priced, innovative & durable equestrian apparel for free spirited riders who live in the moment and never want to dismount.

Our designs began with over 40 years of insight in Equestrian Coaching. We understand every detail that enhances a riders’ enjoyment in the saddle…and keeps you comfortable, longer. 

We use the latest athletic materials and innovative stitching techniques; every design choice is based on comfort, fit & functionality to give our riders the best apparel to accompany them on any adventure. So they can ride wild & free...


Ultimate Comfort

Whether you're in the school or out in the wild

“Breeches are your connection to the horse they aren’t just something you put on to cover yourself up…they determine how you feel when you ride...how the material works in conjunction with your skin and the saddle is paramount to comfort and synergy”
Brenda Smith (Founder)
Agaso’s mission is to take riding back to its roots. To remind riders of why they started in the first place and to create apparel that can accompany any rider on any adventure and withstand any terrain. 
We want to inspire riders to cut their own path, to lead and not follow the crowd. We stand for pure adventurous enjoyment, and the durable comfort that supports our riders get there. 

Ride Wild, Ride Free

wherever you choose


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